Instantly create something cool

DreamType is an imaging platform that enables the instant creation and sharing of compelling visual compositions. By providing a short message in unicode text, anyone can quickly express themselves with a high level of artistic merit and visual style. The production of designs and images conventionally requires time, artistic talent, skills, and specialized design software. We seek to eliminate these barriers for the average computer user who is interested in producing and sharing something special.

At the heart of DreamType is curated collection of visual composition templates created by pro designers and artists. These singular themes are available to users around the world for instant personalization. They can be shared on any popular social network, sent in email, embedded in blogs or forums, or used in conjunction with other apps and services. Try it here.

DreamType for Businesses
DreamType provides personalization solutions for email marketing, direct mail, and e-commerce applications. The use of DreamType in direct marketing campaigns has been proven to dramatically increase response rates over standard methods of text personalization, in some cases by a factor of 30. Over 50 different organizations in 10 different countries around the world have enlisted DreamType for email marketing campaigns, websites, e-cards, and direct mail. Learn more here.